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I have met many retirees finding solutions for their website endeavors at Wealthy Affiliate. I can attest that website building for beginners is possible because I fall in as a retiree and a beginner.

The Course Lessons by Kyle delivers visual and verbal steps that help complete each task. Kyle also urges blog and content writing to give the most hesitant writer the boost they need to get their website well rounded and functional for search engine presentation.

WA has a wonderful mix of members from all age groups with an active community helping with critiques and suggestions. Last, if help from the professionals is needed a Support ticket is easy to submit.


Is This Finally The Time for Your Website?

I am on the verge of selling my own items on the website I built with WA help. WA hosts and uses WordPress. I am daily getting more proficient. One thing I learned quickly is WordPress offers all the basics for posts or blogs and permanent pages, plus picture loading and website themes to get you started.

Then you need to learn about plug-ins. That is a slower process, but again the community can give you a hand.

Finally, if you are thinking about the affiliate marketing website your biggest help is at WA. Most members are in this category and build sites for selling products as an affiliate, such as Share-a-Sale etc. Choose a niche and build sales through signing up with the hundreds of companies offering commission for selling their products using links and ads on your website. WA urges and teaches all the best practices ensuring you do not get under the bad radar for SEO.

Try the free packages and become convinced that you can build a website for your ideas and internet plans.

If you have any thoughts and need answers leave a comment. I will try to get the answers for you.

Last, I want to invite you to my hobby website I built using Wealthy Affiliate videos and readable lessons. The lessons divide each important point of website building into small information chunks. Notice how I developed skills on a Menu heading and sidebar categories. These skills are a bit fun to use because I like to organize. The partner in this house wonders why I spend time on the computer. It is absorbing.



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  1. Hey Sherry, nice site, it’s great that you’re helping to guide retirees and beginners to a path that will make it easy for them to get active online, and supplement,or replace their incomes.
    To Freedom!

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