After being involved with a hobby for several years, many want to share their knowledge or get together with like minded enthusiasts. The hobby website could be a solution for swapping experiences or talking about the latest find. Exchanging information enhances the joy and reinforces expertise and skills.

You may be the person that has an unique niche and there just is not any community gatherings in the neighborhood about art deco appliances or Who is James M Cain? The first thing modern day information seekers do is go to the Internet, because almost any subject is covered on the world wide web.

Hobby website

A hobby website for success

Your special niche may have missing information and you feel you are someone that can offer new information or exciting tips and photos. Two major choices are available for new websites builders in the 21st century: the clip and drag website or the older WordPress platform. I am trying both and as of this writing I have not decided which method I like best. I have to admit the WordPress websites are getting more attention from me. I am tossing that up to using it for a few months longer, at this point.

The Weebly platform only has one month of familiarizing and I have to admit it goes to show that once a few things are learned, and the learning curve is climbed, even the more complicated is easy.

Two hobby websites I have enjoyed through the years I want to share as examples of what can be done and how those two enthusiasts offer priceless information using the Internet. Someone like a passionate hobbyist can be interesting and have helpful information that “experts” just do not know.

Telechron Clock Home Page

The Gonder Collector

If you are thinking about a website and prefer WordPress read my story about hobby website building using the Wealthy Affiliate host and the help WA staff and community can give you.

I recently rewrote my story about Gonder collecting. Gonder Pottery Collection




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