The first thing I took care of in 2005 was a website name. It related to my hobby and someday I thought I could establish a website because I felt I knew tips and designs I could share with other cardmaking and paper folding enthusiasts.

It was going to be a vehicle for emerging myself in the whole activity.  I frankly thought setting up your own website was going to be very technical and beyond my skills. A class on website building was very confusing and approached the tasks with clumsy section divisions. The year was 2008. It involved buying a program I was not happy with. I held onto the registered name, nonetheless.

I had a few offers from people that knew how it build a site, but the cost was not appealing.

Last I tired Weebly.

In January, 2015 browsing Wealthy Affiliate looked very user friendly. One week free use prompted me to sign up. The use was limited, but using the Course 1 video with Kyle’s narration it was a snap to transfer the DNS to WA. By the end of the first week I felt I had a framework established.   If I was inclined to go to WordPress and dig into its instructions and community I would not have needed to opt for the discounted one month access to the whole WA structure with easily accessible tools.

I found it was easy to rely on the friendly community at WA, as well. Now I am a Premium member and this I purchased for one year.  You can use a couple months of membership to get you jump started.

You do not have to stumble over this decision. Skip all the starts and stops I outline here and go from what it is all about to setting up your own website.

Step One Website Startup

Will This Work for Me?

At WA you get two Free websites to use forever. You can use the tools for a few weeks or days to see if a website is your cup of tea. Do you like to write about your ideas and do you get some rewards with communicating on the www?

All you have to do is start at Course 1. Kyle is your leader and the cofounder of WA. This is only your exploratory step. Get a feel for what is involved with an online presence. If it appeals to your goals think about owning your website. What is the difference between free and owning? Kyle explains that in Course 1, so do not worry. It is like trying on shoes at the store: if you don’t like it, take a walk.setting up your own website is like a favorite walk

Enter Course One at WA. Read and listen to video narration at your own pace.

Visit my profile at Wealthy Affiliate for more about me.

Sincerely, SherryV



Taking First Initiatives – Setting Up Your Own Website — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Sherry,

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    I think that so many of us struggle with the first steps of getting a website up and running and we all worry about whether it’s going to be too technical or difficult.

    It sounds like the training by Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate breaks everything down into easy chunks that makes it easy to build a website.

    I assume the best thing to do is to take advantage of the free starter membership as this means that the training and support can be tested for free?

    Best wishes

    • Hi John,
      I was so impressed with the layman style of teaching that is Wealthy Affiliate’s approach. None of the idle hype or constant promises that we all know mean nothing. Basicly, do some learning and see if you like it. I like that way of doing business.

  2. Hi Sherry, thank you for sharing this information. I’m very impressed that you were able to build this website by yourself. I’ve tried building my own websites before and always ended up giving up. As you mentioned, to get a website done professionally is very expensive. I’m really keen to give this free course a try!

    • Sue,
      If you are a little Internet savvy you should be able to accomplish the same as me. The key is to go to the Questions tab when something is not clear. The WA community will help you out. You should be able to feel some excitement about your progress too.

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