The Squidoo platform was the website that sparked my Internet experience. It is gone now but when it was in full swing the community created there kept me logging in everyday. There was no feeling of wandering the www by myself. I had friends and people to ask questions of. See Wikipedia about Squidoo.

If you enjoyed Squidoo and have not found the same community since, try Wealthy Affiliate. And, of course, try WA if you want to finally start your own Website. Squidoo had many forum threads about people wanting to have their own website and if you were a Internet beginner, Squidoo did everything for you. Owning and building a website seemed like a hard place to crack into for some of us depending of the site’s format.

I found WA after much experimenting at website building programs. It took a few years but I found WA and the community is much like Squidoo. The owners, Kyle and Carson, are almost as accessible as Bonnie was at Squidoo.

There is a very unique arrangement at WA, in that, you can become a Bonnie-like figure at WA by contributing to the community on your own time. There are benefits such as help with your yearly Premium fees and if you reach the top, trips with fellow “Ambassadors”, and those trips are beneficial. The one Squidoo meetup I was able to experience is still one of the highlights of my Internet journey.

Another way to feel connected was Squidoo members passed this t-shirt around through the mail. The idea was sign the shirt, take a picture wearing the shirt and posting on the forum. This was my take of a California brunch instead.

The shirt was then sent to the next person on the list.

Earning Money On the Web

Squidoo was a marvel for earning money, but they were so good at finding all the avenues of earning that Google slapped the owners hard, and Squidoo opted out of the business. Some writers put the look of the site over the top with spam, and way too much promotion of products, but over all, there were so many honest hard working contributors who did not stretch the rules. There is always those that go over exceptionable guidelines. It is not cool to that when a whole community may suffer for it.

Many forum contributors started talking about branching off into owning their own websites and in WA I finally found my new community to help to get the job done.

I have two sites now about the interests I am involve in everyday, BUT unfortunately, I have not earned much money through the sites.

Hubpages, the company where most Squidoo articles went to, has now been giving me the monetary earnings to break even with expenses. All I have to say is it takes time for some things to reach fruition.  All my Squidoo articles are at a few different locations and some I deleted. If you like writing, remember to keep evolving and embrace new friends on the Internet and enjoy yourself.

My New Websites Through Wealthy Affiliate and WordPress

Someday, the sites may gradually get the followers to pay for themselves and I invite you to browse them and see what can be done by the retiree embarking on a few new interests. Also, what can be done by you, with a little work.  After all, there is much excitement in challenging yourself and working new levels of pursuits.

I have learned WordPress, expanded knowledge of the workings of online marketing, continued writing for enjoyment and sharing. An off-shot of these activities is the pleasure of using photography to illustrate all of my postings.

Tea Bag Folding: A Place to Explore Flat Unit Origami.  The URL is
Succulent Gardening: Planting Water-wise in Southern California. The URL is

If you have any experience in website building the url is one of the most critical choices to make. Don’t think too hard on it or moving on can be slow. Rest assured that at WA there are many people who will help you through the process.

Just Get Started.

All the best to my friends at Squidoo, Sherry