I am Paperfacets or Sherry Venegas. My first big plunge into the Internet was with Etsy in 2005. I had already set up eBay for selling handmade cards and ACEO collectibles. A few months after making a few sales on Etsy and eBay I found out about article writing on Squidoo. Squidoo was an article writing site with lots of community input, an active forum that was less complaining than eBay, and had more information and internet help. My first published article was Dec. 2007.

At that time I was still working full-time at at&t. I retired in 2008 and was so relieved not having to concentrate on getting to one place for 40 hours a week. Believe me I admire all workers who have the skills to contribute to the workforce in this fashion. It can have the retirement rewards in the end.

Much of my Internet activity was about sharing my interest in flat fold origami, and now I could do it in front of a computer and touch people almost world wide with no other major distractions.

flat fold origami

Flat Fold Origami



The hobby involves folding simple origami patterns that remained flat for cards and scrapbook pages. At right is four units glued together to form a stylized fan.

This hobby can take an enthusiast into many directions. This year, 2015, Wealthy Affiliate made it possible for me to build paperfacets.com, my website about sharing this hobby/business. I tried before with another web building site, but I got lost and discouraged. Like Squidoo there is lots of community input and everyone does their very best to help you feel you can get your goal accomplished. Here is My Profile page at WA. Look down the right sidebar and see the several blogs I have written and across the top notice the “questions” tab. It is so easy to get information about website building and Internet marketing these two ways.

Ask me, a retiree at home, if you can present your hobby or passion to others using your own website. You can see my build at Tea Bag Folding and Flat Fold Origami

My other interests are written about at HubPages and Wizzley. The articles are about all the other things that may interest the homemaker and everyday U.S. consumer. Subjects like cleaning a stove top or starting a compost bin in the backyard of a suburban home.

I am taking art classes and when I am not actively creating or selling my items, I stay in touch with my art instructor to always refresh and bolster the creative channels that are etched in my head.

A retiree needs to stay busy so the two to three decades remaining are as fun and full as the first youthful decades.






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  1. Hi Sherry, your origami work is beautiful, you clearly have a lot of expertise. You’re an inspiration to retirees, and other people with some spare hours, looking for ways to spend their time doing something rewarding and valuable. Amazing work!

  2. Sherry,
    I am also retired. I dabble on Ebay also. I make enough to pay for other online adventures. I have built several websites with Wealthy Affiliates help. Other people just want your money and give very little in return.

    • I find WA members very helpful. I do not get any junk mail through them either. Another website host gave my address, email, and phone to marketing sites resulting in spam mail and business I was not interested in.

  3. Indeed it is hard to find a legit and good community to learn all about how about monetize your website and Wealthy affiliate is in my opinion the top. Have checked the origami page too, I love that

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